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DECS-150 AVR DECS-150 DECS-150 Digital Excitation Control Systems offer precise excitation control and machine protection in a compact package. DECS-150 adaptability to many applications is assured through configurable contact inputs and outputs, flexible communication capabilities, and programmable logic implemented with the provided software. The high flexibility and powerful functionalities makes this device particularly useful in those projects where machines are paralleled to other generators and/or the utility system, since the requirements from the grid codes are very demanding. The DECS-150 is suitable for the Mecc Alte brushless alternators start from ECO38 to ECO46, included the medium and high voltage series ECO46 and ECO49. In fact, the DECS-150 can be fed indifferently by the PMG3, MAUX or even shunt-excited. Excitation power is supplied from the DECS-150 by means of a filtered, switching power module that uses pulse-width modulation. It is capable of supplying 7 Amps at 70°C ambient temperature and has a forcing capability of 11 Amps for 10 seconds. Characteristics DC Operating Power Full Load Continuous Current 10 A at 55°C 7 A at 70°C AC Operating Power Power Input Configuration 1-phase 3-phase Power Input Frequency dc, 50 to 500 Hz Nominal Input Voltage 120 ÷ 240 Vac 250 Vdc Generator and Bus Voltage Sensing Configuration 1-phase 3-phase–3-wire 50 Hz Voltage Ranges 100 Vac ±10% 200 Vac ±10% 400 Vac ±10% 60 Hz Voltage Ranges 120 Vac ±10% 240 Vac ±10% 480 Vac ±10% 600 Vac ±10% Frequency 50/60 Hz nominal Burden <1 VA per phase Generator Current Sensing Configuration 1-phase or 3-phase with separate input for cross-current compensation Nominal Current 1 Aac Frequency 50/60 Hz Burden <0, 1 VA Environmental Operating Temperature (10 A Continuous) –40°C to 55°C Operating Temperature (7 A Continuous) –40°C to 70°C Storage Temperature –40°C to 85°C Communication USB USB type B port Ethernet RJ45 jack 10BASE-T 100BASE-TX Features Voltage regulation accuracy ±0, 25% THD-tolerant design offers reliable operation with nonlinear loads True RMS three-phase generator voltage sensing/regulation Four excitation control modes: Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Field Current Regulation (FCR) Power Factor Regulation (PF) Var Regulation (var) Auto tuning feature Soft start and voltage buildup control Integrated droop and cross current compensation Diodes failure detection Remote setpoint control input accepts analog voltage or current control signal Real-time metering Wide range of limiting and protection functions: overexcitation underexcitation stator current limiting, up to eight programmable functions Eight programmable contact-sensing inputs Three contact outputs Flexible communication: Serial communication through USB port and Ethernet communication Data logging and sequence of events USB powered for programming via BESTCOMSPlus software INR 0 Priority : Default
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